Road Cycling

Our Saturday cycles all depart from the Maxol service station in Turvey, Donabate.  Cycles can cover anything from 40km to 70km.  Barbara Tobin, our training co-ordinator will advise on a Friday what the training plan is for the cycle on a Saturday morning on the club WhatsApp group.  Sometimes it may be a hill repeat session in which case members do as many repeats as they are capable of, some will do more than others but it’s a great session for everyone.  We have a ‘leave no man behind’ policy on our cycles so the sessions really cater for everyone, however we would recommend that you have completed a 30km cycle yourself before joining in on these spins.


What to bring:


Hybrid, road or time trial (TT) bike and a helmet.  Please also consider the weather and have appropriate attire. We would recommend always having a light rain jacket in your back pocket to throw on if needed.  You must carry two spare tubes, tyre levers and a pump in case of a puncture.  You should always bring liquids and something small to eat such as a banana or a protein bar.  There may also be a coffee stop along the way so bring some cash with you. 


Cycling can sometimes be weather dependent, if the weather is deemed to be severe, the club cycle will be cancelled in advance, club members will be notified via our ‘WhatsApp’ group.


There is ALWAYS time for a cake and coffee stop on our Saturday spins!



What to bring on the Saturday Spin:

Hybrid, road or time trial (TT) bike


Two spare tubes

Tyre levers

A pump

You should always bring liquids and something small to eat such as a banana or a protein or energy bar.  



Turbo Sessions

We also offer Turbo sessions during the winter months in place of the open roads on a Saturday morning.  These take place over zoom so participants train at home and join online. These sessions are a great way of building your cycling technique and getting used to your bike without the added complications of the wind, rain and roundabouts.  An additional zoom turbo session also takes place on Tuesday evenings at 7pm, all year long. 


What you will need:

Hybrid, road or time trial (TT) bike

Turbo trainer


Small Towel

Large towel or mat to place under your bike

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