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Fingal Tri Club Committee for 2016/2017

Chairman - Mick Purtill - *Mick wouldnt write a bio, so I've taken the liberty) Mr. Fingal! Mick has been a stalworth of our club for many years and knows everything about Triathlon in Ireland! If you have a question about a race, chances are, Mick has done it and will have great advice for you. A veteran of three Ironman races, Mick capped of an amazing 2015 with an Ironman silver badge - given to the top 5% of age categories only. He's already signed up for more long one's in 2017!


Treasuer -  Eoin Gallagher 


I started doing Triathlon in 2013. My first duathlon was through Fingal Tri club. I was so impressed wiht the atmosphere and support of the marshalls that i decided to join the club!. I've since competed in the National Series and aim to make 2016 the first year that I do a Half Ironman. With plenty of laughs and hard work at the club training sessions, to me they're the highlight of the week. I look after the club training, so any questions or suggestions, please let me know.


PRO - Dave Harris


I did my first Triathlon in 2006 and 'dabbled' in it for years until 2013 when I joined Fingal Tri Club. Having been the solider that did all my training on my own and travelled to races on my own, being part of a club has made it far more enjoyable. I began with pool based Triathlons, and have now travelled most of Ireland doing races of all lengths and seeing some amazing sights along the way. I did my first Ironman in Zurich in 2014, and completed Ironman Barcelona in 2015. I always thought the longer races were for elite people, but I've learned that when you train with good people, learn from them and set your targets a little higher, you can achieve anything. f I can do it, you can too!    



Secretary -Claire Donovan




Training Co-Ordinator - Barbara Tobin





Junior Training Co-ordinator / Child Protection Officer -  Mary Crosbie


I started doing triathlons in 2006 and became a member of the newly formed Fingal Triathlon Club in 2009 following a meeting with a few like minded individuals. I would consider myself very much an average athlete who enjoys the regular training as much as getting out for a few races over the summer months. It's a fantastic club with great people. I have been involved in the committee since the club began excluding 2014 when I was looking after my newly arrived baby (not sure which is harder). Hoping to make 2016 our best year ever! Come on the parish. 


Senior Race Director - Olga Meade


I started with the club in may 2014 just in time to doggy paddle my way through my first sprint triathlon. After some reassuring group sea swims I went on to do more sprints (with no hyperventilating) and this year I've managed to complete some of the standard distances. It has been a fantastic couple of years and I've met some amazingly encouraging people along the way. It has made training more of a social event than a mundane torturous task.


You can contact the Fingal Triathlon Club Committee via email at committee@fingaltri.ie

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